Frequently Asked Questions


The system itself costs £359 additional to this would be the cost of the fitting. We offer a consultation for a £50 fee which is deductible should you go ahead with the fitting or refundable should you not wish to proceed.

If you are female and suffer from alopecia for example you will need a bespoke system usually, these are made to order and take 14-16 weeks to arrive post consultation where we create your system specifically for you These start from £350 (minus VAT) to £729 (inc vat) depending on your hair loss and bespoke requirement, some guys require bespoke systems due to hair type, colour and hair loss foot print (our standard systems cover a head size of 23cm front to back and 19cm width. The membrane is 0.03mm thin, the maximum length of hair is 30cm.

Our fitting fees vary from £160 to £240, depending on who fits the system and what type of fitting you require (male top of the head- female full head).

The system should be seen as 2 elements, the bond longevity varies greatly, so depending on lifestyle, skin type (oily/dry) or weather conditions. It will break down at different speeds. The system itself can last up to 3-4 months if well cared for with regular refits whether at home or in the salon.

We have systems with grey hair blended in, there is a surcharge for this (£36). We also have grey systems (blended with synthetic hair, avg.60% natural/40 synthetic).

No, the bond is extremely secure to the scalp. As long as you maintain it well and don’t ignore the bond breaking down it will not come off.

Your first fitting, you are more likely to have to get used to the hair itself.

We recommend washing the system, this will be shown to you during the fitting. We have highly recommended products in the salon to help you with this.

All materials conform to surgical standards. During the consultation, we conduct a ‘patch’ test which will determine the eligibility.

You can have almost any hairstyle you wish, this is all dependant on the extent of the hair loss, head shape etc.

The bond will break down slightly over time due to lifestyle, sweat, etc however we will show you how to amend the lifts effectively and with ease in the comfort of your own home.

We have excellent quality hair systems, these are blended into your natural hair so that the system is completely undetectable.


Yes you can. The colour will be effected by the chlorine as it is coloured hair. If In the sea, the salt will also effect it but if the system is maintained well there’s no reason to worry but it can reduce the life span of the system.

No. depending on your lifestyle you may experience more lifts, but you can swim, shower, exercise, etc in the hair system without a problem.

Please book via our website at

Of course, we have an extensive range of before and afters of many clients on facebook and Instagram @thehairloungeclub

We offer support post fitting by way of private small group chats of WhatsApp (plus other new clients) with an established system wearer with a similar life style to help guide you through your transition period



I have been visiting Tara since 2016 and even featured on a show on Sky TV. I found Tara through Instagram when I was searching for hair loss solutions. This was when my confidence was at an all-time low and I was losing hair severely.  

Tara’s skill and expertise are unmatched. She knows how to instal Total Cover hair systems perfectly to match the shape of my face. I am very particular with how I want the system to frame my face and she always does a 10/10 job. On top of this, her cutting skills are perfection and I am always thrilled leaving with a full head of hair which not only looks natural but would be the same style, I would have, If I had hair of my own.  

As I have an active lifestyle with frequent gym visits and nights out. I need to make sure I keep on top of the maintenance. The bond which is used does start to break down and sometimes leave sticky residue on my head. This can be easily fixed at home by applying fresh bond to the areas which are lifting or even visiting The Hair Lounge for a refit. On top of this, as I always have a longer ‘quiff’ hairstyle, the hair can easily get tangled whilst sleeping. I have found wearing a hairnet before bed eliminates this and I wake up with minimal tangles.  

Once you have learnt how to do all of this, it becomes part of your lifestyle and does not feel as scary as it sounds.  

Finally, The Hair Lounge offer a lot of advice, knowledge and tips on how the how you can get the most out of your system and solutions to any issues you may have. You are not left on your own. The salon is clean, tranquil and a bit of an escape from reality which all adds to the experience.  

I am forever grateful for how much Tara has changed my life. Not only have I gained my confidence back, but I have a full head of hair which I can style and do whatever I want with! THANK YOU TARA

Hannah, Returning Client

“As always such a great service from Neil and Tara! So comfortable and friendly 5 stars from me!!”

Stuart, Mens hair system refit on a previously fitted system with Neil Margetts

“COVID friendly, good safe environment and of course great service!”

Lorraine, Ladies cut and blow dry with Tara Phillips

“Excellent service from Neil who is an accomplished hairdresser / barber and am very happy with my new hair piece.”

Hywel, Mens standard hair system fitting new application with DS lotion with Neil Margetts

“I have been using total cover plus hair systems for many years now, I decided to try the Hair Lounge after having several fitted by other salons. This was a great experience from start to finish. Neil and Joel were a pleasure to deal with, they were able to get me booked in very quickly. On the day was greatly warmly at the hair lounge in Galdaming, the salon is very nice and cosy, and discreet so for those who are a bit apprehensive having a hair system fitted rest assured the setting is very private and warm. Neil was fitting my hair system and was a pleasure to talk with, the time went by quickly and the result is honestly the best hair system I have had. He was able to fit and style the air system beyond my expectations and my friends and family have commented that it looks great. Am extremely happy and am already looking for returning for a new hair system in the future.”

Usman, Mens standard hair system new application (allow 5-7 working days to order) with Neil Margetts

“Best decision of my life, absolutely love it.”

Jay, Mens standard hair system new application (allow 5-7 working days to order) with Neil Margetts

“Super friendly and professional guy , I was a little nervous going in but Jay made me feel totally relaxed and talked me through any queries I had, exceeded expectations.”

Richard , Mens hair system consultation with Jay Harris

“Amazing experience! So happy I used the hair longe very welcoming and professional!”

Stuart, Mens standard hair system new application (allow 5-7 working days to order) with Neil Margetts

“I absolutely love going into the salon. Tara and the team are experts and perfectionists in hair systems and styling. They listen and adapt the hair to my requirements every time, to the smallest detail. I have learned so much and each time I go we make improvements and I come out happier with the way I look. Thanks to the team for my amazing hair!”

Anonymous, Mens standard hair system fitting new application with DS lotion with Tara Phillips

“Just had new system fitted by Neil after lockdown, absolutely love it. Great cut & shape! Very happy Thanks ?”

Dan, Mens standard hair system fitting new application with DS lotion with Neil Margetts