Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a nice glass of water! 

As details are emerging of the ‘road map to easing lockdown’ I would like to send out a comprehensive email regarding the salon procedures leading up to the reopening.

As you know there have been lots of issues due to the pandemic and more recently because of the late Brexit deal causing hold ups on giving any information on hair systems.  

I have been able to get a few small orders through recently for those requesting the ready to wear service meaning that we can now continue to offer this service for the next few weeks but deliveries are a bit slower due to irregular FedEx collections from Total Cover Plus.

For those wishing to utilise this service please ensure you have:

  • registered on the customer portal Log In ‹ TCP Customer Portal — WordPress
  • Watched the video on how to take a cast & post your cast to the salon including information regarding your style, ie, the side of your parting and how long the front, top and sides are. We can organise a quick call if it helps 
  • Watch the video on how to fit your system 
  • Pay via our new online shop
  • Once I have received the system I will then cut it and send it on to you  via registered post along with a maintenance kit to help fit the system (if you require bond this is not included in the maintenance kit so please add to the order)
  • A tracking number for the item will also be available and to confirm the item is sent tracked and signed for 

Whilst I have been able to receive a few small orders, there is still a back log on orders placed since Christmas. Basically, due to the late Brexit deal, delivery companies such as DPD and FedEx have no fixed shipping costs or agreements resulting in some hefty price hikes recently for collections  from Germany so coupled with customs import issues, delays are still inevitable. 

I have no news regarding bespoke systems as yet either. This is hopefully going to change in the coming weeks as the Chinese New Year is now almost over, the factory will reopen and we can hopefully start to get a clear indication of when bespoke systems will arrive.

I have received many emails asking if I have any news regarding bespoke systems. I sadly send the same reply, can I please therefore make this clear. I will call you once I have news to pass on and not before. You WILL get a call with news. I understand it is a very stressful situation but it really is totally out of my hands and control. 

As we are in lockdown until April 12th (at the earliest), which will only be confirmed the week before this date, I will therefore not be opening the booking system Ovatu until the announcement made the beginning of week of 5th meaning NO appointments will be made before. It is counter productive for me to assume that we can open on the 12th, to then have to change appointments if the date is delayed. 

I will once again run through our reopening procedure: 

  • for those with appointments booked in during the lockdown, you will be the first people to be contacted, as will those that have been waiting for bespoke systems (some are outstanding since May) 
  • Once the shipping issues are resolved and I have received the back log of orders I will resume ordering systems in preparation for our reopening. Not before. 
  • An email will be sent out alerting you that you can order your system as soon as we reach this point so please keep an eye out for our emails, these emails are available on our website and posts are made on social media alerting as many people as possible 
  • It will be at this time I will offer the option to be on the 2nd wave of people to be booked in, it will be managed in order of those that prepay 
  • Once we have all those booked in, we will reopen the booking portal, again an email will be sent out alerting you all that you can now book in or indeed rebook appointments

I want to reiterate I will not be making any appointments prior to the beginning of April, I will have a week to make calls and by this time I will be fully stocked with products and systems. Of course for those wanting to utilise the ready to wear service before hand systems can be ordered (via our online shop on our website). Please do not place orders for use once we reopen at this time as they wont be ordered until the shipping issues are resolved and the back log of orders have arrived. 

I can send out products along with the ready to wear systems. I am expecting more shampoo and conditioner soon along with the cleaner spray so there will be no issues getting a maintenance pack or a bottle of bond! Again all will be sent tracked and signed for so tracking number is available 

I will now be making the most of my time out of the salon as I don’t often get time outside. I will therefore be available for calls/emails:

Monday- Friday 

1030 – 1230

1630 – 1830. 

These times are subject to change but please know calls and emails are seen.

I will not be making any appointments so please do not email asking at this time. We have a strong team in the salon so no-one will have long waits as before. I do anticipate a very hectic April!! 

I for one will be getting as much Vitamin D whilst I can, with all our lives on hold for now I do hope that everyone can find a silver lining and we return to a more ‘normal’ way of life soon – for me that is definitely behind those curtains! 

Please familiarise yourself with the new online shop as well, its been very useful so far and will undoubtedly make ordering products and paying for systems so much easier in the future.

So for now, please all take care, get your vaccine as soon as you can, I’ve had mine already. It clearly pays to be over bleeep and diabetic! 

I really do look forward to seeing you all behind the curtains and ready to enjoy the air con as we head in to summer! 

Much Love 

Tara and the team ?