Here we are rapidly heading towards the summer and I thought it was time I gave an update own what has been happening behind those curtains as I’ve not updated the website for a while

It seems hard to believe that Kaz has been with us for over a year now. She has really flourished in her time with us and now has a very happy client base which I know has made a lot of people happy

With that being said I’d like to just go over a few procedures that we have in place with regards to the running of the salon;

When calling the salon please leave a voicemail so we know who has called and how we can help, alternatively you can text us on the salon mobile (which is only manned during salon hours)

The salon numbers are 01483 422007/ 07376142432

When we are with a client we can’t answer the phone so voicemails or texts work really well

We’d like to know also how you’d feel about us offering consultations whilst you are in having your hair systems refitted as this results in more flexibility with appointments, please advise us when you are in the salon next

We do have as 24 hour cancellation policy which carries a discretionary 50% charge for the full appointment

We do understand that life can sometimes get in the way of appointments but it is not always possible to fill last minute cancellations and in todays current economical climate for businesses to survive we all find ourselves having to make difficult decisions – I hope you all understand

The online store is working very well still. It is very easy to use so we ask that when booking in for new hair system applications you head over to the online store and make the purchase for your hair system. We then receive an invoice with the payment so know to order the hair system

The hair systems’ are still taking on average 2 – 3 weeks to come so please assist us by being as organised as you can ;) (says the mother of 2 boys that she still can’t get organised!) but this really does help us to support you all

I have tried so hard to make everything as accessible & run seamlessly  for everyone with the online booking portal and ordering as this helps reduce the amount of missed calls etc

I’m very sure that for many of you this is something you have heard before ;)

I will do more blogs/news updates on here to mirror the salon emails that are sent out so you know if you can’t find an email you can always come to the website and find out what I hope is helpful information!

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Much love

Tara & Kaz