Hi everyone

Great news!!

We can reopen on April 12th!

So a little recap for you on our reopening procedures;

We will now commence the tasks of rebooking all those that had appointments cancelled due to the lockdown

Please look out for our calls as we will be busy on the phone making it almost impossible to call us!

A reminder of our numbers

01483 422007

07376 142432

Once we have rebooked those in our first wave of appointments we will then move on to those that have prepaid for their systems as per the email sent out last week (only to those that have hair systems)

Finally once all these call are made we will reopen our booking portal and an email will be sent out to let you know about when you can book in

We have been inundated with calls and emails asking for emergency appointments, we can not offer this service for a few reasons -mainly that we are unable to get hair systems in quickly plus we have a long list of people that have been waiting for their appointments since before Christmas

We have an online shop now on our website where you can pay for your systems. this is for payment only. We have a record of the colour and density for everyone so we place the order with Total Cover Plus as we always have – it is a payment only option.

The online shop also has a ‘click and collect’ option which should be selected for the hair system payment

I receive an order notification so there is no need to let me know that you have made your order

I know some people have struggled to use the shop but many have found it very easy -I hope these steps will help you understand it

Please follow the link  below to find the online shop


Please know we are very busy and at the moment unable to respond to any emails so we ask for your patience during this very busy time

Any systems paid for from now will be ordered in the coming week, we will confirm once the order has been placed

A reminder that there is also a covid agreement sent out prior to all appointments which MUST be acknowledged

also the NHS track and trace app must be used when arriving for your appointment

Arrive on your appointment time and not before (we have a locked door policy) this will help avoid congestion in the salon plus allow us to ensure we are ready for you

Take care for now and we look forward to seeing  you all soon

Much love

Tara and the team