With lockdown No3 upon us. We must all now revise our movements over the coming weeks

From what Boris Johnson was saying during his briefing on January 4th it appears that the lockdown could continue until March

I go by what the government announces and avoid speculation in the press, as a business owner I do my best to communicate with everyone plus supporting you all, which is a big task so please bare with me if I’m unable to get back to you immediately

I will again offer the ‘ready to wear’ service.

For those of you that are new to us this gives you the opportunity to take a cast of your head and hair loss area, order a system which I then pre cut and post out to you.

The system is £359

The ready to wear service is £99

Please visit the following website for information about this service

As a reminder I can order your system as normal and cut your system so then send it out ‘ready to wear’

There is also a video on how to apply your system. This will be helpful for those considering refitting their system at home for the first time.


Please post the cast to the salon

Tara Phillips

The Hair Lounge

3 Queen Street




If you can familiarise yourself yet again with emails sent out in previous lockdowns, all of which are on the website.

I will be available to call at set hours which are again

Monday – Friday

10.30 – 12.30. 16.30 – 18.30

Messages outside of these times won’t be seen so please know you’re not being ignored

It is a very difficult time for everyone but I will do my best to support you where I can.

Please all stay safe and follow the government’s guidelines. It will help us all get back to ‘normal’ sooner if we stop the spread of the virus