Hi everyone

I hope you’re all coping ok in this, what feels like a never ending lockdown – as long as we all come out of it with our health in tact we all should be happy

I recently received an email from Total Cover Plus explaining about the delays in deliveries were being caused by the late Brexit deal generating import issues with Customs clearance along with the ongoing pandemic situation
I am hopeful that by the end of the week I will have some more information about resolving the shipping delays but currently all UK based companies are experiencing similar issues and many global companies have stopped taking orders from the UK

Sadly this is another situation which is out of everyones control and we must do our best to keep calm and be practical about how you manage your systems to obtain the longest wear possible, remember to head over to the Total Cover Plus portal where you have access to videos about how to wash your system and also how to fit a system (under the ready to wear service). This will certainly assist you if you need to attempt a refit at home
For those waiting for a ‘ready to wear’ system, the systems are caught up in the delays. I’ve not received any deliveries since pre Christmas.
This also means, again I have no updates with regards to bespoke hair systems but as always once I have any information I will pass it on
I watched last nights news briefing and there was no indication given as to how long the lockdown will continue for.
Once the shipping delays are resolved and we see improvements in lockdown restrictions easing I will then start to prepare a waitlist as what happened in the first lockdown so please bare with me as I manage one issue at a time
Naturally those with missed appointments will be seen as a priority as will those waiting for long over due bespoke systems.

For all small buisnesses like mine, we are facing unprecedented times, with so many factors creating delays and general issues it is very tough

We have never gone through a time like this, hopefully over the coming weeks everything will start to improve
Emails and calls are monitored
Monday – Friday,
1030 -1230,
16.30 1830,

 If you call or email out of these hours please know your message will be seen so please know there may be a delay in the response however please know I am here to help you

As always, we look forward to seeing you all behind those curtains laughing and joking!

Stay safe
Much love